Episode 3

"Where Do I Belong" Written By Kole Hansen and Asi Meskin, Produced/Mastered by Los Angeles'  Lior Goldenberg


In today’s episode, I chat with brand alchemist, radio show host, healing farmer, and CEO of Kai Society, Kai Cole. Kai sheds light on her journey thus far and her mission to promote both brand awareness and spiritual and physical healing through tribe architecture. Kai shares her happiness and joy throughout our conversation. Her smile can be heard in her every word, even when she opens up about:

  • embracing her emotions,

  • navigating uncomfortable moments,

  • her ideas of success,

  • reaching out for support when she feels fear, and

  • sky-diving, base jumping, and taking other crazy chances.



On her purpose:

Tribe architecture stems from the thought of how you can sustainably take care of your following - of the people that are among you and are guiding you through this amazing journey towards whatever it is that your purpose is - but also about the journey of taking care of yourself.

I have the ability to promote not only marketing but also conscious living and sustainable living and sustainable healing.


On discomfort/fear:

For me, being unprepared is something that scares me a lot. I spend a lot of frantic and nervous energy trying to be ready for the unknown which is impossible. And I acknowledge that. That’s when…having more prepared minds and prepared hands around you than you may need…is an assurance that is priceless.

I love to use the phrase from Kevin Hart, to use the word pineapples when you feel uncomfortable. It sounds funny but it’s a good verbal reminder to yourself and a way of admitting honestly that I am afraid at this moment. Having people around you means that you can actually reach out for help at that moment.


On failure:

We don’t make decisions necessarily for them to be final all the time.


On intentions:

I like to call it self-source-ery. You can source yourself by naming yourself.

If we keep sourcing ourselves for the reasons that we know are just, even when no one is around, even when no one shares the vision that we know is the truth, then we’ll be able to have ourselves undoubtedly at our own side on our own team.


On resources:

There’s more than enough in this world for everyone. So I think it makes sense to share.

A note, for instance, on my alarm in the morning is: I love you. You’re beautiful. A note that I carry with me throughout the day is from my boyfriend. Just things that make me feel good or feel the way that I want to feel are great ways to put myself in a mood that is conducive to carrying out my day. I would love to have these reminders around rather than looking at a pile of bills.


On knowing your limits:

I don’t plan on being the grounded one. I like to have someone nearby o r have input or constant feedback to allow the perspective of being grounded because I know that I’m not.  And that’s ok.


On taking ownership:

Taking ownership in how I show up, how I am present, and how I contribute to a particular project is all that I can do, all that I can control.

And then after everything takes place, I can assess – go back and see what worked and what didn’t, and nix what didn’t work and make sure that the next time that it takes place, I can be as inclusive as is beneficial for the project.


On difficult conversations:

So embracing what it is that you feel and communicating it as articulately as you can even if you need some time and space to formulate your ideas, maybe even take some notes, is definitely something that I advise.

I want to make sure that when I’m communicating on a difficult matter, that simply everything that’s being said is very clear and that it is towards the objective of what is for the greater good of the project or for the greater good of the partnership even if that means parting ways. And I’m definitely not afraid to do that.


On growth:

I’m very thankful to have the vision to look back and see that everything that I have done has been practice for this moment.

If we can acknowledge where we are right here and now and also honor the people that we do become, we get to grant ourselves the permission to honor ourselves and our journey.


On mantras:

I’m never grounded but ever-present.

One of my favorite quotes is, and I quote, “to let it be what it is for you.” Everything has different meaning based on our own experiences.


On perceptions:

Look inside and realize that we are beautiful and you’ll always be surrounded by beauty.

We are all alone together…We like to feel special but we also like to belong.  


On work ethic:

My personal motto is that I don’t like to do anything by myself if I don’t have to..I always love to have a cohost, love to partner with other people to do events, or organizations, or groups of people. It’s the more the merrier.


On taking crazy chances:

All of these different arenas that I happen to touch were due to me following my heart. As cliché as that is, it’s very true…America frowns on people being skilled in more than one area because we can’t contain those people. What do we call them?

I would advise going in as many directions as your heart takes you, as your head takes you, as your ego takes you.


Learn more about Kai Cole and her multifaceted projects:

Kai Society – Marketing Strategy, Brand Alchemy, and Tribe Architecture of Sustainable Conscious Communities around the world.

Kai Society Radio – Live 11am-12pm and 5pm-6pm on Thursdays or listen anytime on the website.

www.healing.farm – New Hampton Organic Farms; Launch party August 5th, 2017

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Twitter @thekaisociety

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